First broadcast January 14, 2000

Kevin Briody: Live In Studio B

Connecticut singer/songwriter Kevin Briody joined us in the on-air studio for the first hour to review his career as an up-and-coming songwriter and to promote his new CD "When No One's Watching" and his appearance Jan. 22 at The 12th Note Coffeehouse in nearby Stratford. He is a two-time finalist in the Kerrville New Folk Contest and was a showcase artist at the 1999 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. He resides in Ridgefield.

The second hour featured selections from three of my "baker's dozen" of favorites of 1999 from "across the Atlantic," usually a theme for an entire show. In lieu of that, I've listed the other albums on my picks at the bottom of this playlist This list complements the other baker's dozen from North America, which was the subject of our Jan. 7 show

    Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Kevin Briody Live In Studio B

    • Live: "Walnuts And Rice"

    • CD: "Be Still"

    • Live: "The Mystery"

    • Live: "Parade"

    • CD: "When The Music Stops"

    • Live: "Secrets"

    (Kevin can be reached via e-mail at
    His album is available through and


  • Brass Monkey, "Auretti's Dutch Skipper/An Adventure At Margate", Sound And Rumour, Topic

  • Kate Rusby, "I Wonder What's Keeping My True Love This Night", "The Sleepless Sailor", Sleepless, Compass


  • Poozies, "Neptune", "Ma Plaid/Freya Dances", Infinite Blue, Compass


  • Martin Carthy, "Sir Patrick Spens", "Barbara Ellen", Signs Of Life, Topic


  • Kate Rusby, "All God's Angels", Sleepless, Compass

  • Brass Monkey, "The Heroes Of St. Valery", Sound And Rumour, Topic


    Our Baker's Dozen of Favorites From Across The Atlantic:

    Brass Money, Sound And Rumour, Topic

    Kate Rusby, Sleepless, Compass

    Poozies, Infinite Blue, Compass

    Martin Carthy, Signs Of Life, Topic

    Alasdair Fraser & Tony McManus, Return To Kintail, Culburnie

    Peter Bellamy, Wake The Vaulted Echoes anthology, Free Reed

    Niahm Parsons, Blackbirds And Thrushes, Green Linnet

    Whistlebinkies, Timber Timbre, Greentrax

    Battlefield Band, Leaving Friday Harbor, Temple

    Waterson:Carthy, Broken Ground, Topic

    Dordan, Celtic Aire, Narada

    Old Blind Dogs, The World's Room, Green Linnet

    Martin Hayes/Dennis Cahill, Live In Seattle, Green Linnet