First broadcast January 21, 2000

A Robert Burns Night

This is our annual birthday celebration for Robert Burns, the Bard of Caledonia and a seminal figure in the history of folk music as a pioneer song collector and restorer. He was born Jan. 25, 1759. Although he is generally known as a poet, Burns supplied words and tunes to more than 300 Scots tunes, songs and ballads. Jean Redpath once characterized him as "the very soul of Scotland" and our annual celebration touches on that. This year we've compiled some sets from the Linn series of recordings of Burns songs (two of the discs recently came into our possession), feature a set from balladeer Bruce Davies (including a recitation of "Address to the Haggis") and took a look at how Burns' tunes are being reshaped by younger artists.

    Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • William Coulter & Friends, "Craigieburn Wood", The Crooked Road, Gourd

  • Ian F. Benzie, "The Wintry Wind Extends His Blast", Robert Burns/The Complete Songs/Vol. 1, Linn

  • Billy Ross, "The Winter Is Past", RB/The Complete Songs/Vol. 1, Linn

  • Deaf Shepherd, "Winter O' Life", Synergy, Greentrax


  • Ian F. Benzie, "Hughie Graham"

  • Elspeth Cowie, "Thou Hast Left Me Ever, Jamie/Let Not Woman E'er Complain/Gat Ye Me, O Gat Ye Me"

  • Jamie McMenemy, "The Lass That Made The Bed To Me"

    All these selections on Robert Burns/The Complete Songs/Vol. 5, Linn


  • Whistlebinkies, "Rattlin' Roarin' Willie", Anniversary, Claddagh

  • Jock Tamson's Bairns, "Brave Lewie Roy/Wantoness", The Sampler, Temple

  • Whistlebinkies, "Jamie (There'll Never Be Peace 'Til Jamie Came Home)", The Whistlebinkies 3, Claddagh


  • Alasdair Fraser/Jody Stecher, "The Lea Rig", The Driven Bow, Culburnie


  • Bruce Davies, "Green Grow The Rashes", "My Bonnie Mary", "Address To The Haggis", "Auld Lang Syne", O'er The Border, Rothes Recordings


  • Robin Williamson, "Ye Banks And Braes", The Old Fangled Tune, Pig's Whisker Music

  • Cantychiels, "Red, Red Rose", Cantychiels, Greentrax

  • James Malcolm, "There Grows A Bonie Brier Bush", RB/The Complete Songs/Vol. 5, Linn

  • Keltik Elektrik, "Auld Lang Syne/Reels", Keltic Elektrik, G2 (Greentrax)


  • Jamie McMenemy, "I Lay Thy Loof/Altho' My Back/Gude Ale", RB/The Complete Songs/Vol. 4, Linn

  • Bill Craig, "Westlin Winds", Full Of Moon, independent

  • Ed Miller, "A Man's A Man", Live At Oatlands, Barnaby Productions

  • Smithfield Fair, "Scots Wha Hae", Scotland Owns Me, Stevenson Productions


  • William Jackson, "Molendinar (The Spring)", The Celtic Suites, Mill