First broadcast February 4, 2000

A Mixed Bag of (Mostly) New Releases

A show of rather disparate but fine voices, many of whom will be singing in our region in the next few weeks. In addition, most of the recordings are recent arrivals.

    Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Ann & Phil Case, "Young And tender Ladies", "Oh My Little Darling", "Behind The Prison Walls of Love", Never Grow Old, Dry Run Recordings


  • Debra & David Cowan, "Moonshiner/Copper Kettle", "In The Hills Of Shiloh", A Dram For The Singer, independent


  • Gordon Bok, "The Last Battle", "Ledge End Of The Fiddler", "Lament For Owen Christy/Under The Wind", "The Kind Land", The Kind Land, Timberhead


  • Richard Shindell, "Confession", "Wisteria", "Waiting For The Storm", "Merritt Parkway 2 a.m.", Somewhere Near Paterson, Signature Sounds


  • Eric Andersen, "Meadowlark", "The Road", "The Blue march", You Can't Relive The Past, Appleseed


  • Kelly Joe Phelps, "The House Carpenter", Shine Eyed Mister Zen, Ryko Disc

  • Les Sampou, "Baby", "Fly", Les Sampou, Flying Fish

  • Kelly Joe Phelps, "Dock Boggs' Country Blues", Shine Eyed Mister Zen, Ryko Disc


  • Steve Young, "Jig", "Little Birdie", "East Virginia", Primal Young, Appleseed


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