First broadcast March 31, 2000

In Memoriam: Ed McCurdy
Plus, A Bit Of Folk Foolishness

Ed McCurdy, a pivotal figure in the folk music revival of the 1950s and early 1960s, died March 23 at age 81 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Best known for his brief but powerful song, "(Last Night I Had) The Strangest Dream," McCurdy performed a wide array of material through the decades, including gospel, folk, children's music and erotic ballads. He was also an actor, performing mostly in television in America and Canada, where he and his wife Beryl moved to in the early 1980s. He recorded extensively for Elektra (including the "When Dalliance Was In Flower" series), Riverside, Prestige and Tradition. His music also appears on four of Vanguard's Newport Folk Festival recordings.

The second hour of the show was devoted to folk foolishness from new recordings to prepare listeners for April's Fools Day.

    Artist, "Title", Album, Label

    In Memoriam: Ed McCurdy

  • Ed McCurdy, "Mrs. McGrath", "The Wee Cooper Of Fife", "Every Night When The Sun Goes In", "John Henry", "The Ploughman", The Best Of Ed McCurdy, Prestige International


  • Ed McCurdy, "Darlin' Cory", "Josie", "The Dublin Murder Ballad", "Four Nights Drunk", Blood, Booze 'n Bones, Elektra


  • Ed McCurdy, "The Three Ravens", Riverside Folk Song Sampler, Riverside

  • Ed McCurdy, "Robin Hood And The Bold Peddler", Elektra Folk Sampler, Elektra

  • Ed McCurdy, Pete Seeger & Ramblin' Jack Elliott, "Jesse James", Folk Classics, Columbia

  • Weavers, "(Last Night I Had) The Strangest Dream", Wasn't That A Time, Vanguard


  • Ed McCurdy, "A Riddle", "A Maiden Did A-Bathing Go", When Dalliance Was In Flower, Elektra

  • Ed & Dana McCurdy, "Amazing Grace", "Let Us Break Bread Together", On Jordan's Stormy Banks I Stand, Folkways

  • Erik Darling, "True Religion", Wasn't That A Time, Vanguard


  • Camille West, "Intro", "Viagra In The Water", "Angst On The Radio", "Toe To Toe With The HMO", Diva's Day Off, Mother Tongue Music


  • Holly Tannen, "Lily Of The Net", "Fair Margaret And Young Whatshisname", Rime Of The Ancient Matriarch, independent


  • Evy Mayer, "Chat With Your Mom", "The Irish Ballad", Humor Me, independent

  • Natalie MacMaster, "The Shakin' o' The Pocky", My Roots Are Showing, Rounder