First broadcast April 28, 2000

Mostly New Folk

This is a show that, for the most part, presents groups or individual performers who have never been heard before on Profiles in Folk. The "other part" is Mike Casey and Cucanandy, who have a concert May 6 at the South Salem (N.Y.) Library, just over the Connecticut border, and May 13 at the Branford Folk Music Society. Both concerts start at 8 p.m.

Of course, there's still one more hook to "new folk" that springs from doing the show for 26 years. For example, Jack Evans has been heard on the show as a member of The Whistlebinkies and The Sevens' Mark Roberts, Liza Constable and guest Chris Turner as members of various bands.

    Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Malinky, "Thomas McElvogue's No. 2/Rocky Road to Dublin/Merrily Kiss The Quaker/Cathal McConnell's Slip Jig", Last Leaves, Greentrax


  • The Sevens, "Redigan's/Dark Hollow", "Run Sister Run", Celtic Groove Band, Newgrange

  • Jack Evans, "Walk Right In/Brave Lewie Roy/O'er Bogie", Once Upon A Time In The North, Greentrax


  • Malinky, "Dimna Juda", "The Dreadful End Of Marianna For Sorcery", Last Leaves, Greentrax


  • Mike Casey, "Breton Air", The Pleasures Of Hope, Wizmak Cucanandy, "Breton An Dros", "Cucanandy", "Wounded Hoosier", He Didn't Dance, Milky Way Music


  • Molly Bloom, "These Days", "Running Up The Fireline", "Way Back Home", These Days, Heart Spring


  • Ill-Mo Boys, "Gone Indian", "Farmer's Daughter", "John Short's Tune", "Duck Shoes Rag", Laugh And Grow Fat, Vigortone


  • Martha Trachtenberg, "Ticket Back", "I Choose You", "It's About Time", It's About Time, Mom & Pop

  • Mike Casey, "The Day Dawn", The Pleasures Of Hope, Wizmak


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    The Sevens: or


    Molly Bloom:

    Ill-Mo Boys: (314) 481-8975

    Martha Trachtenberg: