Double Takes, Second Listens

We opened with selections from Liz Carroll's new album on Green Linnet, "Lost In The Loop". Liz will be appearing in Fairfield on Sunday, Mother's Day. The second segment was an In Memoriam for Lee Haggerty, a founder, with Sandy and Caroline Paton, of Folk-Legacy Records of Huntington, VT and then Sharon, CT. Folk-Legacy is one of folk music's treasured resources and Haggerty was a major impetus in its creation. We programmed three field recordings from the label's newest albums that he recorded. A memorial service takes place Sunday in Sharon for him.

The largest portion of the show offered a simple theme that has become wildly popular with listeners: Double Takes and Second Listens. The format is usually two different interpretations of the same song, but this program include a short set on response songs as well.