First broadcast May 26, 2000

Memorial Day

We marked the Memorial Day holiday this year with a special emphasis on the Civil War, the conflict from which the holiday arose. Originally Decoration Day (from the ritual of decorating the graves of soldiers who died during the Civil War), the holiday has evolved into a remembrance of those who have died in all the military conflicts of this nation. As part of the emphasis on the Civil War this year, we offered a set from the superb new album of Magpie based upon the historical figure of abolitionist John Brown.

    Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Harvey Reid, "The Unknown Solider", Circles, Woodpecker

  • Classical Brass, "Honor To Our Soldiers", Honor To Our Soldiers, Musical Heritage Society

  • Tommy Thompson, "Dixie", Songs Of The Civil War, National Geographic Society

  • Weavers, "Rally Round The Flag (Battle Cry Of Freedom)", Wasn't That A Time, Vanguard


  • Jack Hardy, "The 111th Pennsylvane", Civil Wars, Prime CD


  • Various Artists, "I've Been In The Storm So Long", "The Homespun Dress", "Goober Peas", "Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier", Songs Of The Civil War, National Geographic Society


  • Magpie, "Old John Brown", "Heaven Is Less Than Fair", "Mary Brown, Abolitionist", "John Copeland", John Brown/Sword Of The Spirit, Sliced Bread


    World War I

  • John McCutcheon, "Christmas In The Trenches", Live At Wolftrap, Rounder

  • Bill Gallaher & Jake Galbraith, "1914 (The Grand Illusion)", The Last Battle, independent

  • Richard Thompson, "The Woods Of Darney", You? Me? Us?, Capitol


    World War II

  • Josh White, "Freedom Road"

  • Woody Guthrie, "What Are We Waiting On?"

  • Almanac Singers, "Round And Round Hitler's Grave"

    Selections from That's Why We're Marching, Smithsonian/Folkways



  • Michael McCann, "The Wall", Soldiers' Songs, independent

  • Michael Jerling, "Long Black Wall", Early Jerling, Waterbug


  • Eric Bogle & John Munro, "No Man's Land", Plain And Simple, Plant Life

  • Dick Gaughan & Andy Irvine, "The Floo'ers Of The Forest", Parallel Lines, Green Linnet

  • Harvey Reid, "The Unknown Soldier", Circles, Woodpecker