First broadcast June 9, 2000

Spring Pledge Drive/Listener Requests

This was the spring pledge drive show. We gathered up a few recent listener requests and combined those with cuts from Oasis Acoustic/Volume 4 (which was a thank you gift for pledges above a basic membership) to provide the music for the night. Pitching with us for the evening was WSHU's Chief Engineer Paul Litwinowich, who graciously does the sound for in-studio performances on Profiles in Folk. My thanks to all who made pledges during the show.

    Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Natalie MacMaster, "Hey, Johnny Cope", My Roots Are Showing, Rounder


  • Gordon Lightfoot, "Early Mornin' Rain", "Canadian Railroad Trilogy", The United Artists Collection, UA


  • Erica Wheeler, "Sober Harley Guys"

  • Special Consensus, "Walls Of Time"

  • Acousticats, "Mud And Dust And Blood And Silver"

    Above selections from Oasis Acoustic/Vol.4, Oasis Duplication


  • Fairport Convention, "Fotheringay", Troubadours Of British Folk/Vol. 1, Rhino

  • Fotheringay, "Banks Of The Nile", Troubadours of British Folk/Vol. 2, Rhino


  • Steven King, "Real Friends, Real Love", Oasis Acoustic/Vol. 4, Oasis Duplication


  • Christine Lavin, "The Audience Votes", "The Voice On The Relaxation Tape", One Wild Night In Concert, Christine Lavin.Com

  • Diane Ziegler, "The Winter Sun", These Are The Roots, Indie

  • Ron Renninger, "Fall From Grace",Music From The Final Woods, Vienna Virginia


  • Poozies (Kate Rusby), "The Widow", "Maid Of Llanwellyn", Raise Your Head, Compass


  • Maria Sangiolo, "Follow Your Own Road"

  • Brooks Williams, "Postcard From The Gulf Side"

  • Laurie Rose Griffith/Peter Mealy, "Tocoi Light"

    Above selections from Oasis Acoustic/Vol. 4


  • Peter Rowan/Rowan Brothers, "Fair And Tender Ladies", "I'll Be There", Tree On A Hill, Sugar Hill