First broadcast July 14, 2000

Debra Cowan Live In WSHU's Studio A

We welcomed Debra Cowan of Massachusetts. Debra is a precious commodity in today's folk and acoustic market: A singer of mostly traditional material. Although she is relatively new to New England (a transplant from California) she has quickly won over Northeast audiences with her beautiful soprano voice, fresh song interpretations and a commitment and deep knowledge of her music. The Left Coast's loss is certainly our gain, as the first hour of this program affirmed. You can reach Debra at

The second hour was devoted to artists who will be appearing at the upcoming Falcon Ridge Folk Festival and was used as a vehicle for ticket give-aways to the largest and best gathering of singer/songwriters on the East Coast each summer.

    Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Debra Cowan Live In Studio A

    • Live: "My Boy Jack" (Rudyard Kipling)

    • Live: "The Rose You Wore For Me" (Danny Carnahan)

    • CD: "Darlin' Corey" (from Banks of the Willow)

    • Live: "Rufus And Beverly" (Mark Graham)

    • CD: "Bay Of Biscay-O"

    • Live: "All The Tunes In The World" (Ewan MacVicker)


  • Wild Asparagus, "St. Stephen's Day Parade March", Main Stage Live/Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, Signature Sounds

  • Richard Shindell, "Abuelita", "My Love Will Follow You", Somewhere Near Paterson, Signature Sounds


  • Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer, "When I Go", When I Go, Indie

  • Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer, "Tanglewood Tree", "Cat-Eye Willie Claims His Love", Tanglewood Tree, Signature Sounds


  • Eddie From Ohio, "I Know You Rider Medley", Portable EFO Show, Indie


  • Patty Larkin, "Banish Misfortune/Open Hand", "Mary Magdalene", "Me And That Train", a gogo/Live On Tour, Vanguard


  • Moxy Fruvous, "Introduction", "Present Tense Tureen", Main Stage Live/Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, Signature Sounds

  • Eddie From Ohio, "National Anthem", Portable EFO Show, Indie