First broadcast August 11, 2000

A Musical Journey To The Provinces

Following last week's Midwest musical sojourn, we're off again, This time it's to the provinces of Canada. This show is a mix of old, reissued and new CDs, including some new artists with extremely promising futures. The artists hail from Alberta, British Columbia (with help from Seattle in the U.S.), Ontario, Quebec, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

    Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Ann Gray, "Starcraft & Spirits Medley", Shouting At Magpies, KRL/Lochshore


  • Lewis, Pint & Dale, "Rollin' Down To Rio", "Sou' Spain", "The African Trade", "March Of The King Of Laois", Making Waves, Self-Propelled Music


  • Jacinthe Trudeau, "Intro/Wolf", "Frets On The Fiddle", "Forget-Me-Not", Echo, independent


  • David Francey, "Borderline", "Hard Steel Mill", "Sorrows Of The Sailor", "Blue Water", "Torn Screen Door", Torn Screen Door, Laker Music


  • Grit Laskin, "Life On The Rolling Sea", "The Long Note/Old Hag You Have Killed Me", "The End Of A Pointed Gun", Unabashedly Folk, Borealis


  • Sarah Harmer & Jason Euringer, "Blue Moon Of Kentucky", "Oh Bury Me Not", "Trouble In The Fields", Songs For Clem, independent


  • Teresa Doyle, "Stowaway"

  • Rose Vaughan Trio, "Song Of The Fog"

  • Laura Smith, "Shorelines"

    Above cuts on Ground Swell Sampler, Volume I, Ground Swell


  • Garnet Rogers, "McArthur's Farewell To The West", "The Enfolding", "Lament For Harry Chapin", Speaking Softly In The Dark, Snow Goose Songs


  • Ann Gray, "The Mermaid Song", Shouting At Magpies, KRL/Lochshore


    Jacinthe Trudeau:

    David Francey:

    Sarah Harmer: