First broadcast September 22, 2000

A Mixed Bag of Balladry and Celtic Instrumental Pieces

Here are selections from a bunch of new releases from England, the Celtic world and, yes, one from Vermont. We also offered listeners a preview of Eliza Carthy's next album scheduled for release in January from Warner Brothers.

    Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • The High Road, "High Road To Gairloch/Athol Highlanders", Round The Bend, Lightening Ridge


  • Skolvan, "Bal Plinn du Vertoge"

  • Milladoiro, "Maneo de Villa -- Foliade de Padrenda"

  • Altan, "Dulaman"

  • Gilles Servat, "Maro Pontkaleg"

  • Deanta, "Ready For The Storm"

    Above selections on Kindred Spirit, Green Linnet


  • Niahm Parsons, "Horo Johnny", "Orphan's Wedding", "Black Is The Colour", In My Prime, Green Linnet


  • Eliza Carthy, "Whole", "Wildwood", Eliza Carthy Sampler, Warner Brothers

  • The High Road, "The Kilt Is My Delight/Star Of Munster/Devil Among The Tailors", Round The Bend, Lightening Ridge


  • Pete Morton, "Drink To Me Only", "Madam Or Sir", "Thanksgiving", "Maybe Nothing's Spoken", Hunting The Heart, Harbourtown


  • John McCusker, "Mr. Anderson's", "Night Visiting Song", "Emma & James' Wedding", Yella Hoose, Temple


  • Artisan, "I Saw Another You", "Go With A Smile On Your Face", "Dreams To Chase", Dancing With Words, Boing

  • The High Road, "Round The Bend", Round The Bend, Lightening Ridge


    The High Road (Howard Wooden, Iain MacHarg, & Tom Mackenzie) can be reached at

    Artisan, from England, can be reached at

    Pete Morton can be reached through