First broadcast October 20, 2000

Songs Of The Harvest

Autumn is ablaze in color here in Southern New England and the apples, pumpkins, late squash, gourds and root crops are being harvested. No frost on the pumpkins yet, but that will come shortly., This is our annual celebration of the harvest, an old-fashioned Harvest Home.

    Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • The Watersons, "Country Life", For Pence And Spicy Ale, Topic

  • Harry Tuft, "Harvest Song", Across The Blue Mountains, Folk-Legacy

  • Gordon Bok, "Harvest Home/Gordon's Fancy", Jeremy Brown & Jeannie Teal, Folk-Legacy

  • Ed Trickett, "January Man/Gently Down The Stream Of Time", Gently Down..., Folk-Legacy


  • Dave Weatherall/Martin Hall, "Two Young Brethren", Voices, Musica Pangeae

  • Margaret Christl/Ian Robb, "The Barley Grain For Me", The Barley Grain For Me, Folk-Legacy

  • Herdman, Hills & Mangsen, "Goodbye To The Roses", At The Turning Of The Year, Hands & Heart Music

  • Robin Laing, "John Barleycorn", The Angel's Share, Greentrax


  • Dillon Bustin, "Gardening", Dillon Bustin's Almanac, June Appal

  • Various, "When First Unto This Country", Songs Of The Hills, Shanachie

  • Margaret MacArthur, "Planting Rhymes", "The Young Man Who Couldn't Hoe Corn", "Huckabridge Bread/Come Butter Come/Hot Horseshoe/Buttermilk & Whey", An Almanac Of New England Farm Songs, Green Linnet


  • Pete Sutherland, "The Apple Picker's Waltz/The Beautiful Lights Of Burlington", Poor Man's Dream, Flying Fish

  • Dillon Bustin, "Moonshine In The Pines", "Around My Barn", "More Wood", Dillon Bustin's Almanac, June Appal


  • Angelo Badalamenti, "Country Theme", The Straight Story (soundtrack), Windham Hill

  • The Poozies, "Come All Ye Lonely Lasses", Infinite Blue, Compass

  • Robin Dransfield, "The Barley And The Rye", The Folk Collection, Topic

  • Ian Robb/Shelley Posen, "Farmer's Boy", Live From The Dutch Barn, Old Songs Festival

  • The Occasionals, "Canadian Barn Dance", Live, Greentrax


  • Travels With Charley, "Red Rome Beauty", Red Rome Beauty, Malahat Mountain Music

  • Cherish The Ladies, "Joe Ryan's Barn Dance Set", One And All, Green Linnet