First broadcast February 9, 2001

Love O’ Love

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and how better to mark the holiday than with classic love songs and contemporary songs that are aimed at tradition just like Cupid’s arrow. We also mixed in selections from recent CD releases.

    Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Don McLean, ' “Love O’ Love”,' Playing’ Favorites, Beat Goes On (UK)

  • Ed Gerhard, ' “Can’t Help Falling In Love”,' Counting The Ways, Virtue


  • Ed Trickett, ' “Black Jack Gypsy”,' The Continuing Tradition, Folk-Legacy

  • Ann Mayo Muir, ' “Geordie”,' So Goes My Heart, Folk-Legacy

  • Gordon Bok, ' “Rambleaway”,' A Rogue’s Gallery, Folk-Legacy

  • Bok-Muir-Trickett, ' “I Drew My Ship”,' Turning Toward The Morning, Folk-Legacy


  • Bill Staines, ' “Roseville Fair”,' The Whistle Of The Jay, Folk-Legacy

  • Peggy Seeger, ' “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”,' Black And White, Green Linnet

  • Eric Andersen, ' “Woman,' 'She Was Gentle”, ' Stages: The Lost Album, Columbia/Legacy

  • June Tabor, ' “The Turn Of The Road”,' Against The Streams, Green Linnet


  • Jody Stecher, ' “Barbary Allen”,' Oh The Wind And Rain, Appleseed


  • Tom Chapin, ' “Not Tired Of Love”,' '“Love Me Tonight”, ' Common Ground, Gadfly


  • Dolores Keane, ' “Fare Thee Well A Stor”,' '“Make Me Want To Stay”, ' Night Owl, Alula

  • Silly Wizard, ' “The Blackbird”,' Joyful Noise, Green Linnet


  • Brian McNeill/Tom McDonagh, ' “Mary And The Solider/The Alma”,' '“The Snows Of France And Holland”, ' Horses For Courses, Greentrax


  • Ed Gerhard, ' “Willie O’ Winsbury”,' Counting The Ways, Virtue