Those Elegant And Esoteric English

PROFILES IN FOLK 10 p.m. to Midnight. Host: Steve Winters

We occasionally program shows of all-English performers. This one just happened to come about after a chat with an acquaintance who is very involved with Celtic music and remarked in a discussion, "Those poor English, they just seem to get overlooked on the music scene, don't they?" This is a mix of old and new releases. John Roberts and Tony Barrand are appearing in the region.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Graeme Taylor, The Approach, All Through The Year, Green Linnet


  • Peter Coe, Down By The Waters Rolling, Sick Parade, Rolling Down The Ryburn, It's A Mean OldScene, Backshift


  • John Roberts & Tony Barrand, Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy, Robin Hood And The Bishop Of Hereford, A Present From The Gentlemen, Golden Hind

  • John Roberts, The Campanero, Live From The Dutch Barn, Old Songs


  • John Roberts & Tony Barrand, Mandalay, Naulakha Redux, Golden Hind

  • John Roberts & Tony Barrand, Our Hamlet, A Present From The Gentlemen, Golden Hind

  • John Roberts & Tony Barrand, Foggy Dew, Dark Ships In The Forest, Folk-Legacy


  • Brian Peters, Padlocks, The Ruins By The Shore, The Dark Island/The Arran Boat, The Seeds Of Time, Harbourtown


  • Jez Lowe, The Soda Man, The New Moon's Arms, The Bergen, Live At The Davy Lamp, Tantobie


  • Rod Clements, Cowboy In The Rain, Old Blue Goose, Roads Of East Northumberland, Stamping Ground, Market Square Music

  • Kathryn Tickell, The Magpie/Rothbury Road/Cold Shoulder, Hut On Staffen Island//Random, Debateable Lands, Park