A Mixed Bag & A Tribute To Benny Martin

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

A mixed bag of music including a musical tribute to bluegrass fiddle great Benny Martin who died on March 13 and selections from musicians who will be appearing in Southwestern Connecticut, including Debra Cowan and Bob Zentz who will be joining us live in WSHU's Studio A on March 30.

Benjamin Edward Martin was a native of Tennessee who performed as a Bluegrass Boy with Bill Monroe around 1948 and will be remembered for his classic fiddle work on recordings of Flatt & Scruggs in the early 1950s. The "Big Tiger" (because of the roaring, almost leaping sound of his fiddle) played with many country stars as well and made solo appearance son the Grand Ole Opry. His life was many times plagued by personal problems including alcoholism and in his later years spasmodic dysphonia, a nerve disorder that affected his larynx.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • John McCutcheon, Carter Store Medley, The Wind That Shakes The Barley, Rounder


  • John McCutcheon, Wild Rose Of The Mountain/Wild Rose Of The Mountain, Amelia's, If I Were A Featherbed, Fine Times At Our House, Greenhays

  • John McCutcheon, St. Anne's Reel/Cricket On The Hearth/Kitchen Gal/Mississippi Sawyer, The Wind That Shakes The Barley, Rounder

  • John McCutcheon, Hale's Rag, Fine Times At Our House, Greenhays


  • Benny Martin, Me And My Fiddle, The Big Tiger Roars Again, OMS

  • Martin w/ Flatt & Scruggs, Your Love Is Like A Flower, Appalachian Stomp, Rhino

  • Martin w/ Johnny Gimble, Dueling Fiddles, 50 Years Of Bluegrass, Vol. 1, CMH

  • Martin w/ Josh Graves, Salty Dog Blues, 50 Years of Bluegrass, Vol. 1, CMH

  • Benny Martin, Dill Pickles Rag, Hills And Home, New World Records


  • Benny Martin w/ Del McCoury, Checkin' Out On You, The Big Tiger Roars Again, OMS

  • Martin w/ John Hartford, Where Is Your Heart Tonight?, The Big Tiger Roars Again, OMS

  • Benny Martin, Money Up Front, The Big Tiger Roars Again. OMS,


  • Andrew Leonard, Accordion Bells, A World Of Guitar Music, Amaranth

  • John Wright, Was It You?, Hermitage Water To Kinzigtal, Pages Turning, Greentrax

  • John Wright, Time For Leaving, Language Of The Heart, Greentrax


  • Doug Smith, Cascade Skyline, Alone At Last, Solid Air

  • Andrew McKnight, This Old Dominion, Where The River Runs, Falling Mountain

  • Rex Fowler, Elizabeth Park, Gettysburg, Planet Noise


  • Debra Cowan, The Long Grey Line, The Long Grey Line, independent

  • Bob Zentz, This Ol' Bay, Hove-to And Drifting, Soundside