Debra Cowan & Bob Zentz Live In Studio A

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

What a night of live music! Debra Cowan of Massachusetts, an eloquent and fine interpreter of (mostly) traditional song, and Bob Zentz of Virginia, who has quite accurately been characterized as a one-man minstrel show, joined us in Studio A for a simply superb night of music making in WSHU’s "living room" and a discussion of their music, performance values, sources and folk and acoustic music in general. Debra’s latest album is "Long Grey Line" while Bob’s latest solo effort is "Hove-to and Drifting" and an all-instrumental album of maritime music with the trio Scuttlebutt. Kathy Britell of Seattle (The Hot Lattes) and Dave DeAngelis of Connecticut also joined us, adding their voices on choruses and instruments on several numbers. If you know Bob Zentz, you know that he played no less than six or seven instruments during the night. WSHU's Engineering Genius Paul Litwinovich was behind the glass mixing the on-air sound.

  • Artist, Tune/Song
  • Ensemble, "Anchored In"
  • Debra Cowan, "Dreadful Ghost"
  • Bob Zentz, Peter Bellamy piece on press gangs
  • Debra Cowan, "Has He Got A Friend For Me?"
  • Bob Zentz, C. Fox Smith poem set to music
  • Debra Cowan, "Female Highwayman"
  • Bob Zentz, "Tumbler"
  • Break/Folk Calendar

  • Bob Zentz, Jew's Harp Medley
  • Debra Cowan, "Padstow Drinking Song"
  • Bob Zentz, "Judge Proctor’s Windmill"
  • Debra Cowan, "All The Tunes In The World"
  • Bob Zentz, "Sweet Song Of Yesterday"
  • Bob Zentz, "Dear Friends And Gentle Hearts"
  • Debra Cowan, "Isabella Gunn"
  • Bob Zentz, "Eight Bells"
  • Debra Cowan, "My Boy Jack"
  • Bob Zentz, "At the End Of Another Year"
  • Scuttlebutt, "Baltic Ports", Tall Ships, Soundside
  • Debra Cowan’s Website is

    Bob Zentz has a Website at