A Musical Doubleheader

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

Live In Studio A: Geoff Kaufman & Craig Edwards (First Hour)

We welcomed back to "Profiles in Folk" Mystic Seaport chanteymen Geoff Kaufman and Craig Edwards to educate our audience on Mystic Seaport's 22nd Annual Sea Music Festival (June 7-10) and regale them with songs and tales of the sea. The duo, one half of the popular Forebitter, played a variety of instruments and sang live in Studio A and we played a few recorded cuts from performers appearing at the festival.

Craig Edwards

Geoff Kaufman

Live In Studio A: Dr. Lee Andresen, Joined By Michael McCann (Second Hour)

Dr. Lee Andresen, Steve Winters and Michael McCann

For the second hour, Dr. Lee Andresen, who teaches history at Lake Superior College in Duluth, Minn., visited to discuss his book, "Battle Notes: Music of the Vietnam War". Andresen's book is likely the only full-length work devoted to the music of the Vietnam War and how it reflected all the aspects of the time. We focused on the folk music of protest during the war, but also included some not-so-folk recordings as the discussion warranted. Michael McCann of New Haven, a Vietnam veteran who has been a guest on the show and has recorded the album, Soldiers' Songs, accompanied him.

How to Reach Them On The Internet

Geoff Kaufman & Craig Edwards: www.mysticseaport.com
Dr. Lee Andresen: www.battlenotes.com