In Memoriam: John Hartford

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

John Hartford, a versatile musician whose recording career spanned four decades and who wrote one of country music's most recorded songs, "Gentle On My Mind", died on June 4 at age 63 after a battle with cancer.

This special three-hour final chorus for Hartford drew on his long and varied career as a bluegrass, old-time and country musician of note on banjo and fiddle, his television career and songwriting, his passion for riverboats (he was a licensed riverboat pilot) and his generous and kind nature as a person.

During his career, he recorded over 40 albums and won four Grammy awards. He was perfectionist as a performer, especially his solo shows where he played fiddle, banjo and guitar, sang, and clog danced on a piece of plywood. He will also be remembered for his gathering together of musicians in unusual combinations. He had been diagnosed with cancer in 1980 but it was only in recent years that it worsened.

From the initial years of Profiles in Folk, Hartford's music has always been a staple of our programming.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • John Hartford, Wish We Had Our Time Again, Live From Mountain Stage, Blue Plate Music

  • John Hartford, Turn Your Radio On, Steamboat Whistle Blues, Aereo-Plain, WB/Rounder

  • John Hartford, Gentle On My Mind, All In The Name Of Love, Flying Fish


  • John Hartford, Sail Away Ladies, Up On The Hill, Good Old Electric Washing Machine, Circa 1943, Kiss My Plywood, I Would Not Be Here, Natural To Be Gone, Catalogue, Flying Fish


  • John Hartford, Steam-Powered Aereo-Plane, First Girl I Loved, Presbyterian Guitar, With A Vamp In The Middle, Aereo-Plain, WB/Rounder


  • John Hartford, Nobody Eats At Linebaugh's Anymore, Morning Bugle, WB/Rounder

  • John Hartford, Tear Down The Grand Ole Opry, Aereo-Plain, WB/Rounder

  • Hartford/ Norman Blake /Vassar Clements /David Bromberg et al, Babe You've Been On My Mind A Place To Be/The Fox Hollow Festival, Biograph Records,


  • John Hartford, Headin' Down Into The Mystery Below, Beatty's Navy, In Plain View Of The Town, Headin' Down Into The Mystery Below, Flying Fish


  • John Hartford, Up On The Hill, Boogie, Aereo-Plain, WB/Rounder

  • John Hartford, Don't Leave Your Records In The Sun, Little Log Cabin On The Hill Waugh Waugh, Trying To Do Something To Get Your Attention, Mark Twang, Flying Fish


  • John Hartford, Brushy Fork Of John's Creek, The Speed Of The Old Long Bow, Rounder

  • John Hartford & Bob Carlin, Jenny On The Railroad, Indian War Whoop, The Fun Of Open Discussion, Rounder

  • John Hartford, Wild Hog In The Red Brush, Wild Hog In The Red Brush, Rounder


  • John Hartford, Little Piece Of My Heart, Gum Tree Canoe, Flying Fish

  • John Hartford, Somewhere My Love/We'll Meet Again Sweetheart, Nobody Knows ... Flying Fish,

  • Hartford/ Mike Seeger/ David Grisman, Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay, Gum Tree Canoe, Flying Fish

  • John Hartford, No Expectations, Gum Tree Canoe, Flying Fish


  • John Hartford, Lorena, Fiddle Tune, I Wonder Where You Are Tonight, Gentle On My Mind, Live From Mountain Stage, Blue Plate Music

  • John Hartford, Where Does An Old Riverman Go, Down On The River, Flying Fish

  • John Hartford, Bye, Bye, Morning Bugle, WB/Rounder.