“Live From New York” Live In WSHU’s Studio A

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

This was one fantastic night of live music and off-the-cuff humor from four gifted New York City singer/songwriters Edie Carey, Teddy Goldstein, Anne O’Meara Heaton and Andrew Kerr. Along with Sam Shaber (who had a scheduled solo gig tonight), they bill themselves collectively as “Live From New York” and “Profiles in Folk” was one stop on their spring tour. They all perform as solo musicians but gather a few times each year to tour as LFNY.

It was immense fun and, especially for listeners, an exciting look into the cutting edge of New York’s acoustic music scene. Since three of the four were return visitors to the show, we kept the chatter to a minimum and for the last hour-plus (with few interruptions) let the foursome perform their coffeehouse show. Creative musical synergy at its best. Mixing this musical cocktail behind the glass was WSHU Chief Engineer Paul Litwinovich. Our thanks to Paul once again. And, of course, our thanks to “Live For New York”.

  • Artist, "Title",

  • Teddy Goldstein, “Pinball”, ,

  • Edie Carey, “With Our Hands”, ,

  • Andrew Kerr, “Don’t Forget Your Fans”, ,

  • Anne O’Meara Heaton, “My Heart Is Broken”, ,


  • Teddy Goldstein, “Love, ,

  • Edie Carey, “Happy, ,

  • Andrew Kerr, “East Kentucky In My Mind”, ,

  • Anne O’Meara Heaton, “Spinning”, ,


  • Teddy Goldstein, “Refugee Of Love”, ,

  • Edie Carey, “Fall Or Fly”, ,

  • Andrew Kerr, “More For Me”, ,

  • Anne O’Meara Heaton, “Black Notebook”, ,


  • Teddy Goldstein, “My Voice”, ,

  • Edie Carey, “I Like You”, ,

  • Andrew Kerr, “Survivor Song”, ,

  • Anne O’Meara Heaton, Old Man By 21”, ,


  • Teddy Goldstein, “Widow”, ,

  • Edie Carey, “Disco Ball Heart”, ,

  • Andrew Kerr, “I’m Leaving”, ,

  • Anne O’Meara Heaton, “Megan and Kevin”, ,

  • Ensemble, “Angel From Montgomery”, ,

How You Can Reach The Musicians:

Teddy Goldstein: www.teddygoldstein.com

Edie Carey: www.ediecarey.com

Andrew Kerr: www.andrewkerr.com

Anne O’Meara Heaton: www.anneheaton.com