American Originals

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

I was in a quandary this year with the July 4 holiday. I usually take the show and use it to musically demonstrate the wide breadth and diversity of folk music in America. Since our closest show to the Fourth fell after the holiday, I decided to showcase some "American Originals", including a short memorial tribute to Chet Atkins, who died June 30. Atkins' contributions to country music were immense. The Kennedys and Eddie From Ohio, originals in their own right among the younger set, will be appearing July 14 at Zoo Folk in Bridgeport's Beardsley Park.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • The Kennedys, Orange Blossom Special Medley, Positively Live!, JiffyJam


  • Alabama Sheiks, Travelin' Railroad Man, Violin Sing The Blues For Me, Old Hat

  • Andrew & Jim Baxter, K.C. Railroad Blues, Violin Sing The Blues For Me, Old Hat

  • Fruit Jar Guzzlers, Steel Drivin' Man, Times Ain't Like They Used To Be/Vol. 3, Shanachie

  • Sleepy John Estes, Streetcar Blues, Times Ain't Like..., Shanachie


  • Uncle Dave Macon & The Fruit Jar Guzzlers, Over The Road I'm Bound To Go, Bake That Chicken Pie, Nashville: The Early String Bands/Vol. 2, County

  • Uncle Dave Macon & The Fruit Jar Drinkers, Rock About My Sara Jane, Times Ain't Like..., Shanachie


  • Deford Bailey, Ice Water Blues, Alcoholic Blues, Muscle Shoals Blues, Nashville: The Early String Bands/Vol. 2, County


  • Chet Atkins/Doc Watson, Dill Pickle Rag, Texas Gales/Old Joe Clark, Tennessee Rag/Beaumont Rag, Reflections, Sugar Hill


  • The Kennedys, Rapahannock, The Coo Coo, Positively Live!, JiffyJam

  • Eddie From Ohio, Number Six Driver, Tommy The Canexican, Quick, Virginia Soul


  • Tom Russell, Down The Rio Grande, California Snow, The Sante Fe At Midnight, Borderland, Hightone


  • Jack Hardy, The Twentieth Century, The Passing, Brambus

  • Jack Hardy, I Ought To Know, Omens, Prime CD

  • Jack Hardy, The Tinker's Coin, Sampler, Prime CD

How To Reach Them:

Eddie From Ohio:

The Kennedys:

Jack Hardy: 1-800-primecd (1-800-774-6323)