Live From WSHU’s Studio A:
Lara Herscovitch, Terence Martin, Dan Bonis & Michael Benson

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

Despite the almost unimaginable, horrific terrorist bombings in New York City and Virginia and the downing of an airliner in Pennsylvania, we decided to go ahead with this long-planned live show of artists in the round, making it a respectful program that at times discussed the tragedy and grieving and hopefully contributed to the beginning stages of healing. These occasional sing-arounds are usually very joyous in nature, but this program was somber and my thanks to the performers for a professional and fitting effort.

Lara Herscovitch, with a background as social worker, is a young singer-songwriter from Bridgeport who has released one album, Sin Tierra and has been gaining a following in Connecticut and the nearby environs.

Terence Martin, who teaches in a unique French/English school, is from Westchester County and has two albums to his credit, Division Street and Waterproof. He has found a host of awards for his songwriting and is a published poet as well.

Dan Bonis is a multi-instrumentalist from Redding and is an accompanist with many artists including Terence.

Michael Benson is a percussionist from Connecticut and accompanied Lara.

Despite the somber backdrop, it was a wonderful night of live music.

Both Lara and Terence have several performances scheduled in Connecticut and New York in the coming months.

A bouquet once again to WSHU Chief Engineer Paul Litwinovich for mixing the sound.

Live From Studio A:

Terence: “Familiar Mysteries”
Lara: “In The Meantime”
Terence: “Thunder And Light”
Lara: “There”
Dan: “Patience And Hope”
CD: Terence, “Waterproof”


Lara: “Sin Tierra”
Terence: A brand new song
Dan: “Sunnyside Day”
Lara: “Home”
Terence: “Room To Spare”
Lara: “Lullabye”

We closed with an ensemble piece that included everyone present.

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Lara Herscovitch:

Terence Martin: