What A Combination: Sea Music and Bluegrass!

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

This is a show with a split personality. The first hour is devoted to music of the sea, then there’s an instrumental bridge and then an hour of bluegrass, including tracks from three Connecticut bands. Canada’s Tom Lewis and Shipping News are appearing in the region this weekend. The Charles Sawtelle “tribute” album is one of the finest and most moving bluegrass albums released this year. Artist

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Tom Lewis, William Pint & Felicia Dale, “Rolling Down To Rio”, “The Anchor Song”, “Sou’ Spain”, “March Of The King Of Laois”, Making Waves, Self-Propelled Music


  • Shipping News, “Fisherman’s Wife Medley”, “The Water Is Wide”, Wives’ Tales, Dog Watch Records


  • Scuttlebutt, “Shenandoah/Water Is Wide”, “Baltic Ports”, Tall Ships, Soundside


  • Playford Players, “Windjammer”, “Homestead Walk”, Dog Days, independent


  • Charles Sawtelle & Friends, “The Butcher’s Dog”, “The Ranger’s Command”, “Aragon Mill”, “Grand Texas”

  • “Let’s Go Home”, “Angel Band”, Music From Rancho deVille, Acoustic Disc


  • Traver Hollow, “You Don’t Call Me Darling Anymore”, HMG Bluegrass, HMG

  • Amy Gallatin & Stillwaters, “Where The Old Red River Flows”, “Useful Girl”, “Monroe-esque”, Live In Europe, Happy Appy

  • Shoregrass, “Six Wild Roses”, “Man In The Middle”, In Connecticut, independent


  • Charles Sawtelle, “My Life Is In Your Hands”, Music From Rancho deVille, Acoustic Disc

How To Reach Them:

Tom Lewis: www.tomlewis.net

Shipping News: www.shippingnewsweb.com

Scuttlebutt: scuttlebutt42@aol.com

Playford Players: playfordplayers@home.com

Traver Hollow: traverhollow@webtv.net

Shoregrass: b.shaw@snet.net