Songs Of The Harvest

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

It’s Harvest Home time in New England and this is our annual salute to the agrarian ritual and the timelessness of the annual cycle of nature. Here in Southwestern Connecticut the leaves are hanging on to their last blazing colors before dropping, the frost is almost on the pumpkins and the apples and root crops are pretty much harvested. It’s time to dance and sing.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Young Tradition, “The Season Round”, The Young Tradition/So Cheerfully Round, Castle

  • Harry Tuft, “Harvest Song”, Across The Blue Mountains, Folk-Legacy

  • Martin Hayes, “Bill Malley’s Barndances/Kilamona Barndance”, Under The Moon, Green Linnet


  • Paddy Tutty, “The Four Seasons”, In The Greenwood, Prairie Druid

  • Herdman, Hills & Mangsen, “Goodbye To The Roses”, At The Turning Of The Year, Hand & Heart Music

  • Robin Laing, “John Barleycorn”, The Angel’s Share, Greentrax

  • Kevin Burke, “Barn Dances”, Open House, Green Linnet


  • Si Kahn, “Going Down To The Old Home Place”, “Just A Lie”, “First Time Lover”, “Where The Song Never Ends”, Been A Long Time, Sliced Bread


  • Rick & Lorraine Lee, “Haying Time”, Leeway For Dulcimer, Greenhays

  • Karen Ashbrook, “Good Morning To Your Nightcap/Behind The Haystack”, Celtic Mist, Maggie’s Music

  • Arky’s Toast, “Merry Haymakers”, From The Half Moon To The Rising Sun, Greenwich Village

  • David Mallett, “Haying Song”, Inches & Miles, Flying Fish

  • Seamus Begley & Stephen Cooney, “The Newly Mown Meadow”, Meiteal, Kells Music


  • Big Twang, “Pastures Of Plenty”, Pastures Of Plenty, Big Twang Records


  • Peter Ostroushko, “Dakota Themes”, Heart Of The Heartland, Red House


  • John Williams, “The Kilamona Barndance/Hayes’ Jig/Old John Williams”, >From A Distant Shore, Nimbus

  • Various Artists, “Sussex Health”, “Three Mistress’s Health”, “The British Toper”, “Hey John Barleycorn”, The Tale of Ale, Free Reed

  • Brendan Ring, “The Harvest Home/The Foxhunters’”, From A Distant Shore, Nimbus

  • Maddy Prior, “Marigold/Harvest Time”, Year, Park

  • Peter Ostroushko, “Heart Of The Heartland”, Heart Of The Heartland, Red House