Amy Gallatin & Stillwaters Live in WSHU’s Studio A

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

This was a marvelous night of live bluegrass and country ballads. We started out shooting for the band to do the first hour live but we were having such a good time that Amy and the guys played on for the second hour as well. This show marked the group’s fourth appearance on Profiles in Folk over the last six years and coincided with several dates they are playing in the region as well as release of their fourth album, “Live In Europe.”

My thanks to Amy and Stillwaters for the sparkling performances. Stillwaters comprises Kevin Lynch on mandolin and guitar, Roger Williams on Dobro, and John Urbanik on strong bass.

And, of course, a tip of the hat to WSHU Chief Engineer Paul Litwinovich for working the controls. Paul’s also our Webmaster and he managed to post digital pix of all of us to this WSHU Web page within 35 minutes of the show’s start! And thanks to all you listeners for the kinds notes about the program.

Amy Gallatin & Stillwaters Live in WSHU’s Studio A

Live: Intro piece from Bob Wills
Live: “Bluegrass Stomp” (Bill Monroe)
Live: “So Lonesome” (Hank Williams)
Live: “40, 80 or 10” (Tanya Savory)
Live: “Loving You” (Hugh Moffatt)
CD: “Words At 20 Paces” (Hugh Moffatt)

Live: “Contemplation” (Roger Williams)
Live: “Destination Love” (Winona Harris)
Live: “Immigrant Eyes” (Guy Clark)


CD: “Monroe-esque” (Kevin Lynch)
Live: “Reasons I’ve Forgotten” (Kiernan Kane)
Live: “Time To Learn” (Tim O’Brien)
Live: “Come Hither To Go Yonder” (Bill Monroe)
Live: “On The Road”
Live: “Here in California” (Kate Wolf)
Live: “Pickin’ In Holland” (Roger Williams)

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