A Mixed Bag

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

It’s been custom at Profiles in Folk to start the New Year off with at least two weeks of programming of favorite CDs from the year just past. I decided to end that concept this year. There are simply too many recordings being produced each year and too little time to listen to them all.

So, this year of 2002 started with live guests last week and a mixed bag of music this week, although with a few glances back. During the first hour, I put the spotlight on Kate Campbell, one of the most moving performers I heard in live performance during 2001 and three new recordings. The second hour was all bluegrass and included a tribute to one of the year’s top selling albums the “O Brother” soundtrack as well as taking note again of the death of John Hartford, a major loss for the music world during the past year. (Sadly, his wife Marie also died as this new year began).

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Dady Brothers, “Dixie Lullabye”, “A Little Road And A Stone To Roll/Lonely Boy”, Singing From The Heart, Dady Brothers Music


  • Kate Campbell, “Crazy In Alabama”, Woodsongs Old-Time Radio Hour, Poetman

  • Kate Campbell, “Rosa’s Coronas”, Rosaryville, Compass

  • Kate Campbell, “Come Thou Font”, Wandering Strange, Eminent

  • Kate Campbell, “Rosaryville”, Rosaryville, Compass


  • Richard Greene & Beryl Marriott, “Te Bhan, Te Bhan/Hori Hori/Highland Boat Song”, Hands Across The Pond, RGP

  • June Tabor, “Deep In Love”, “Rhosyn Wyn/Winterrose”, Rosa Mundi, Green Linnet

  • Richard Greene & Beryl Marriott, “Abbot’s Bromley Horn Dance”, Hands Across The Pond, RGP


  • Soggy Bottom Boys, “I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow”, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Mercury

  • Norman Blake, “You Are My Sunshine”, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Mercury

  • Alison Krauss & Gillian Welch, “I’ll Fly Away”, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Mercury


  • John Hartford, “Gentle On My Mind”, RCA Country Legends, Buddha

  • John Hartford, “In The Heart Of The Cross-Eyed Child”, “The Boys From North Carolina”, “Give Me The

  • Flowers”, A Tribute To John Hartford/Live From Mountain Stage, Blue Plate,

  • Kathy Mattea & Tom O’Brien, “Gentle On My Mind”, A Tribute To John Hartford, Blue Plate


  • Wil Maring, “The Turning Of A Century”, “Reminds Me Of Missouri”, “A Dance To St. Anne’s Reel”, The

  • Turning Of A Century, Roan Pony Records, ,


  • Laurie Lewis, Claire Lynch, Lynn Morris & Rhonda Vincent, “Eight More Miles”, O Sister, Rounder

How To Reach The Artists:

Dady Brothers:www.dadybros.com

Richard Greene:fiddlethis@yahoo.com

Wil Maring: www.shadymix.com