Mostly Traditional Classics From Mostly New Releases

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

This is a fun show crafted by taking a bunch of nearly all new CD releases and culling them for traditional material. By gosh, we actually found a motherlode and then added a few contemporary pieces that "feel" traditional. Could there be a trend in the making here? We start off this week with where we left off last week in celebrating the anniversary of Robert Burns’ birthday.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Jones Family, “Rattlin’ Roarin’ Willie”, Unquiet, Shambling Gate Records

  • Tony McManus, “Ye Banks And Braes”, Ceol More, Compass


  • Mary Sue Twohy, “Anachie Gordon”, The Risk Involved, Azalea City

  • Show Of Hands, “Ratcliffe Highway”, Huntingdon Folk, Speaking Volumes

  • Ian Benzie, “Canadee-I-O”, I’se The B’y, Lochshore/KRL


  • Paul Brady, “The Lakes Of Pontchartrain”, Nobody Knows, Compass

  • Scatter The Mud, “Wild Geese/Listowel Hornpipe”, Never Time To Play, Independent

  • Paul Brady, “Arthur McBride”, Nobody Knows, Compass


  • Tony McManus, “Shalom Aleichem”, Ceol More, Compass


  • Norman Blake & Peter Ostroushko, “Oklahoma Redbird”, “Blake’s Railroad Blues”, “Chickamauga” Meeting

  • On Southern Soil, Red House, ,


  • Jones Family, “Tom Deadlight”, “Unquiet Grave”, “Over The Water To Charlie”, Unquiet, Shambling Gate


  • Tom Adler & Co., “Sweet Nell”, Sweet Nell, Coal Holler Music

  • Claudia Schmidt, “Wayfarin’ Stranger”, Wings Of Wonder, Red House

  • Carol Ponder, “Generations”, Little Journeys, Truesongs

  • Tom Adler & Co., “Snowday Waltz”, Sweet Nell, Coal Holler Music

How To Reach The Independents

Jones Family:

Mary Sue Twohy:

Tom Adler & Co.: (505) 982-6377

Carol Ponder: