First broadcast April 5, 2002

A Bit Of Folk Foolishness

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

It’s only four days after the ubiquitous April Fool’s Day, but who’s counting. We’re celebrating with two hours of folk flights of fancy. The program’s all humorous songs and stories, designed to elicit a smile, bring on a chuckle or perhaps even stir up a belly laugh.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Ian Robb, “The Aftermath”, Rose And Crown, Folk-Legacy


  • The Watersons, “Heavenly Aereoplane”, Sound, Sound Your Instruments of Joy, Topic

  • Otis Brothers, “Jesus Is My Aereoplane”, The Otis Brothers, Flying Crow

  • John Hartford, “Steam-Powered Aereo-Plain”, Aereo-Plain, Rounder (Warner Brothers)


  • Art Thieme, “That’s The Ticket”, That’s The Ticket, Folk-Legacy

  • Grit Laskin, “A Fair Maid Walking”, Unabashedly Folk, Borealis

  • Holly Tannen, “Fair Margaret And What’s His Name”, Rime Of The Ancient Matriarch, Independent


  • Camille West, “Viagra In The Water”, Diva’s Day Off, Mother Tongue

  • Four Bitchin’ Babes, “The Nervous Wreck Of Edna Fitzgerald”, Gabby Road, Shanachie

  • Hot Soup, “eBay-0”, Promo CD Single, Independent


  • Those Darn Accordions, “We’re An Accordion Band”, Squeeze This!, Flying Fish


  • Art Thieme, “A Lumber Camp Tale”, “A Ghostly Tale”, “A North Country Tragedy”, The Older I Get, The

  • Better I Was, Waterbug, ,

  • Gamble Rogers, “Saturday Afternoon”, Oklawaha County Laissez-Faire, Oklawaha

  • U. Utah Phillips, “Moose Turd Pie”, Good Though!, Philo


  • Arrogant Worms, “Canada’s Really Big”, Live Bait, Independent

  • Arrogant Worms, “Johnny Came Home Headless”, Dirt, Independent


  • Barry Peterson, “Beanheads In Western Lit. Vol. I, Humor, Oasis Acoustic

  • John Roberts & Tony Barrand, “Our Hamlet”, A Present From The Gentlemen, Golden Hind

  • Les Barker, “Cosmo, Prince Of Denmark”, A Cardi And Bloke, Dog


  • Les Barker, “Arnold”, Humor, Oasis Acoustic

  • Grit Laskin, “The Photographers”, Unabashedly Folk, Borealis

  • Holly Tannen, “Lily Of The Net”, Rime Of The Ancient Matriarch, Independent