Live In Studio A: Geoff Kaufman

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

LIVE FROM STUDIO A on May 31st, 2002

It was a night of sea chanteys with Geoff Kaufman of FOREBITTER from Mystic Sea Port. Geoff played the conertina, pipe, guitar, and "the bones" as well as performing acapella

Geoff Kaufman Live In Studio A

Listen to the show

Listeners get a sneak preview of the 23rd Annual Sea Music Festival at Connecticut’s Mystic Seaport. The festivals runs from June 6-9 with evening concerts on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, academic sessions and workshops and demonstrations all day Saturday and Sunday.

Geoff Kaufman is a chanteyman at Mystic Seaport, a solo performer and a member of Forebitter, the Seaport’s well-known chantey group and traveling ambassadors. Geoff performed live and we also programmed and discussed music of performers who will be appearing at the festival.

One of the highlights of festival will be the appearance of the Barrouallie Whalers from St. Vincent, Grenadines, whaling and fishermen originally recorded and written about some 30-plus years ago by folklorist Roger Abrahams (who will be in attendance). His book on the whalers is being reprinted for the festival and there is an academic session on the music.

Geoff Kaufman Live in WSHU’s Studio A

Live: “Coast Of Peru”
CD: Martin Carthy, “The Whale Catchers”
Abrahams Tape: Barrouallie Whalers fading into Forebitter, “Blackbird Get Up”
Live: “Lynchburg Town”
Live: “The Shanteyman’s Life”
CD: Debra Cowan, “The Banks Of Green Willow”
CD: Louis Killen, “The Shoals Of Herring”
CD: Finest Kind, “A Sailor’s Life”
CD: Bob Webb, “Bank Trollers”
CD: Bob Walser, “Down Trinidad”
Live: “Go To Sea No More”
Live: “The River Lea”(trad/tune: Gina Dunlap)

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