Fairport UnConventioNal: The Box

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

England’s Free Reed Records has done it again! As the sixth release in its Revival Master’s Series, Free Reed has produced a splendid four-CD boxed set that celebrates Fairport Convention’s 35th Anniversary. This is not simply a historical selection of re-issues. Rather, it is the first in-depth anthology of Fairport’s music and career, musically pieced together from rare, deleted and unusual recordings, collectors’ tapes and bootlegs.

The boxed set includes posters, catalogues and drawings that illustrate Fairport’s 35 years as the world’s first and finest folk-rock band. It’s all topped off with a 172-page book that includes detailed notes on the recordings, a complete discography, band history and track-by-track notes, not to mention hundreds of photographs. This program features selections from three of the four discs.

For full details on the box set titled “Fairport UnConventioNal” : www.free-reed.co.uk/fairport

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Fairport Convention, “Meet On The Ledge (overture)”, “Wings”, “If I Had A Ribbon Bow”, Fairport -- A History, Free Reed


  • Fairport Convention, “Nottamun Town”, “Si Tu Dois Partir”, “Come All Ye”, “Tam Lin”, Fairport -- A History


  • Fairport Convention, “Suzanne”, “Percy’s Song”, “Dear Landlord”, Rareport Convention, Free Reed


  • Steve Tilston & Fairport Convention, “It’s Now Or Never”, Rareport Convention, Free Reed


  • Fairport Convention, “Walk Awhile”, “Poor Will & Jolly Hangman”, “Rosie”, “Farewell Farewell”, “Now Be Thankful”


  • Fairport Convention, “Who Knows Where The Time Goes”, “Matty Groves”, “Meet On The Ledge”, Classic Convention, Free Reed