Live In Studio A: Robert Messore and Dan Lyon

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

We were joined in WSHU’s Studio A by two old friends: Guitarist Robert Messore of New Haven and singer-songwriter Dan Lyon of Ridgefield. It was a return visit for each of them.

Robert was heading up the “Elm City Song Circle” (featuring six performers) the next day in New Haven as part of the Audubon Street “Art on the Edge” Festival and Dan was opening the next night in Bridgeport for the first 2002 ZooFolk concert featuring Bill Staines and David Mallett.

We were shooting for an hour of chatter and music, but it was such an enjoyable synergy between the three of us that we devoted most of the show’s two hours to live performance. We spent a bit of time analyzing the music of three performers scheduled for the song circle. Our thanks again to WSHU’s Chief Engineer Paul Litwinovich as the “man behind the glass” for the night.

Live In Studio A Listen to The show

Robert Messore: “Ithaca”
Dan Lyon: “Your Cup”
Robert Messore: Untitled guitar piece
Dan Lyon: “The Fortunate Few”
Robert Messore: “First Time Today!” Dan Lyon: “Still Falling For You”
Robert Messore, “Fat Cat Bossa Nova”, Focus, Humphrey Street Records
Dan Lyon, “Build A Bridge”, 3-Song Sampler,
Robert Messore: “Citi na gCumman”
Dan Lyon: “Painted Blue”
Messore & Lyon: “I Will”
Anne Heaton, “Megan & Kevin”, Black Notebook, Independent
Marc Teamaker, “Wear And Tear”, Ping, Hive Music
Colleen Sexton, “Scare Crow”, Live, Crescent
Robert Messore: “Eccentric Slowdown”
Dan Lyon: “Carried Away Cradled By The Sea”

Robert Messore has recorded two albums. Gladys Glasses is difficult to find. Focus is his latest. He can be reached at

Dan Lyon has recorded three samplers with three cuts each on them. He can be reached at