First broadcast July 5, 2002

Celebrating America’s 226th Birthday

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

Although the July 4th holiday was the day before the program, we continued the birthday bash with a varied show that mixed in a bit of the patriotic with some of Pete Seeger’s “American Favorite Ballads”, a new reissue; touching tributes in the aftermath of the horrific Sept. 11 terrorist attacks; a pinch of 1960-70s protest; and a few cuts from another new reissue of an American Original, Dave Van Ronk, who died earlier this year.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Eddie From Ohio, “Star Spangled Banner”, 9Eleven Relief,

  • Eric Von Schmidt, “My Country ’Tis Of Thee”, 2nd Right 3rd Row, Poppy

  • Tom Ball & Kenny Sultan, “American Medley”, Too Much Fun, Flying Fish

  • El McMeen, “The Rights Of Man”, Playing Favorites, Piney Ridge Music

  • Big Twang, “Pastures Of Plenty”, Pastures Of Plenty, Big Twang Music


  • Pete Seeger, “John Henry”, “Wabash Cannonball”, “Big Rock Candy Mountain”, “America The Beautiful”


  • Kim & Reggie Harris, “Short Shift At Ground Zero”, Simplicity, Appleseed

  • Troy Messenger, “Finlandia (Song Of Peace)”, Simplicity, Appleseed

  • Liz McNicholl, “The Bravest”, Grand Central Station, D&G Records

  • Kitty Donohoe, “There Are No Words”, CD single, Roheen


  • Paul Langille, “There Is A Time”, Tears Of A Thousand Years,

  • Stan Rogers, “Jamie”, Tears Of A Thousand Years,

  • David Bradstreet, “Tears Of A Thousand Years”, Tears Of A Thousand Years,

  • Eileen McGann, “Wisdom Guide Me”, Tears Of A Thousand Years,

  • Tim Harrison, “Prayer Watching”, Tears Of A Thousand Years,


  • Joan Baez, “I Pity The Poor Immigrant”, Songs Of Protest, Vanguard

  • Arlo Guthrie, “1913 Massacre”, Songs Of Protest, Vanguard

  • Mimi & Dick Farina, “House Un-American Blues Activity Dream”, Songs Of Protest, Vanguard

  • Weavers, “Marching To Pretoria”, Songs Of Protest, Vanguard


  • Dave Van Ronk, “St. Louis Tickle”, “Sister Kate”, “Gaslight Rag”, Two Sides Of Dave Van Ronk