A Musical Sampler & Music For A Wedding

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

This was a musical melange to celebrate some new releases, the anniversary during the week of the late Jerry Garcia’s birth date, Bob Dylan’s return to Newport for the first time since 1965 when he plugged in and changed the direction of modern music, and, on a personal note and most important, the wedding on the following day in nearby Milford of Kristin Roti, a Godchild of my wife and I, to Mathew Jones.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • The Waybacks, “Turkish Stalemate”, Burger After Church, Fiddling Cricket Music


  • Norman Blake, “The Fields Of November”, “Randall Collins/Done Gone”, Old Ties, Rounder


  • Wake The Dead, “Brigid Cruse/Black Muddy River”, Wake The Dead, Grateful Dead Records

  • The Waybacks, “The Return”, Burger After Church, Fiddling Cricket Music


  • Music To Celebrate A Wedding , , ,

  • Bukkene Bruse, “Wedding March From Osterdalen”, The Stone Chair, NorthSide

  • John McCutcheon, “If I Were A Featherbed”, The Wind That Shakes The Barley, Rounder

  • Tom Paxton, “The Water Is Wide”, One More Song/An Album For Club Passim, Rounder

  • Garnet Rogers, “All That Is”, All That Is, Red House

  • Kate Wolf, “Give Yourself To Love”, An Evening In Austin, Kaleidoscope

  • Neal & Leandra, “Holding On”, Bridge Rail, Uncle Gus’s Music

  • June Tabor, “Turn Of The Road”, Against the Stream, Green Linnet

  • Ed Gerhard, “Willie O’ Winsbury”, Counting The Ways, Virtue


  • Bob Dylan, “It’s All Over Now Baby Blue”, “Like A Rolling Stone”, Bob Dylan Live 1969, Columbia

  • Paul Butterfield Blues Band, “Blues With A Feeling”, “Look Over Yonder Wall”, “Born In Chicago”

  • Blues With A Feeling (Newport Folk Festival), Vanguard, ,


  • Peter Ostroushko & Norman Blake, “Marjorie’s Waltz”, Meeting On Southern Soil, Red House


How To Reach Them:
The Waybacks: www.fiddlingcricket.com
Wake The Dead: www.wakethedead.org
Neal & Leandra: www.nealandleandra.com
Ed Gerhard: www.edgerhard.com