This One's For You: Listener Requests

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

In July, I was on vacation and had to tape one edition of Profiles in Folk. It was also a week when I was giving away tickets to one of the summer's major festivals. Entries for the tickets were encouraged via the Internet (for a random drawing), but one of the provisos was listing at least two artists you desired to hear on the show in the future. Here's just a bit of those requests, which were obviously varied but delightful. For most of the show, I went back and plucked out some CDs from the past.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Eliza Carthy/Nancy Kerr, Gypsy Hornpipe/The Hawk/Indian Queen, On Reflection, Gadfly


  • The Old Swan Band, The Man In The Morn/Fire Burning Bright/Varsoviarna, Still Swanning ... After All These Years, Free Reed

  • Nick Drake, Black-Eyed Dog, Voices, Hannibal

  • Fotheringay, The Sea, Voices, Hannibal

  • The Old Swan Band, Worcestershire Hornpipe/Morning Star, Still Swanning ... After All These Years, Free Reed


  • Martin Simpson, Darling Corey, Cool & Unusual, Red House

  • Martin & Jessica Simpson, Kevin Carter, Rolling Down The Hill, Band Of Angels, Red House


  • Tom Rush, Barb'ry Allen, The Prestige/Folklore Years--Vol. 1, Prestige/Folklore


  • Tom Rush, Urge For Going, The Very Best Of ..., Columbia

  • Joni Mitchell, All I Want, River, Blue, Reprise


  • Leo Kottke, Vaseline Machine Gun, Eight Miles High, Louise, Last Steam Engine Train


  • Emmy Lou Harris & The Nash Ramblers, Guitartown, Hard Times, Mansion On The Hill, Scotland