A Mixed Bag

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

The first hour is nearly “All In The Family” with one of Britain’s finest singing and playing families Martin Carthy, Norma Waterson and daughter Eliza Carthy augmented by some relatives and friends (to form Blue Murder). Then we shifted gears to a bit of music from Irish-American supergroup Cherish the Ladies, who will be Connecticut in December, and Maine songstress Carol Noonan, who is featured in an article in December’s Yankee Magazine.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Waterson:Carthy, “Balancy Straw/Seventeen Comes Sunday/White Friars Hornpipe”, A Dark Light, Topic


  • Waterson:Carthy, “Rambleaway/Valentine Waltz”, English Folk Anthology, Retro

  • Waterson:Carthy, “The Devil And The Farmer”, “May Morning”, “The Holland Handkerchief”, A Dark Light


  • Blue Murder, “I Bid You Goodnight”, Out On The Rolling Sea, Green Linnet

  • Blue Murder, “The Banks Of Sweet Primroses”, “Bully In the Alley”, “Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy”, No One Stands Alone


  • Norma Waterson, “Bright Shiny Morning”, Bright Shiny Morning, Topic


  • Cherish The Ladies, “The Bergen”, “Liza’s Dream/The West Side Highway”, “The Bonny Light Horseman”, Threads Of Time


  • Carol Noonan, “Red River Valley”, “Lonesome Saddle”, “Cross To Bear”, Big Iron

  • Carol Noonan, “John Riley”, Carol Noonan, independent


  • Eliza Carthy et al, “Fen”, On Reflection, Gadfly

How To Reach Them:
Carol Noonan’s albums only available from www.carolnoonanmusic.com