A Mixed Bag

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

A mixed bag of a show: new cuts from a musically fabulous Sliced Bread compilation on the 40th Annual Philadelphia Folk Festival and a new Jack Hardy CD and old Steve Tilston material from the vaults. Hardy, one of our favorite songwriters, gets major time during the show since he not only has the new album out of Western-tinged songs, but he will also be appearing at the nearby Branford Folk Music Society.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Steve Tilston, “Tsetse Fly Shuffle”, The Greening Wind, Hubris


  • Solas, “Dougie MacDonald Medley”, Celebration, Sliced Bread

  • David Bromberg, “Make Me A Pallet”, Celebration, Sliced Bread

  • Laurie Lewis, “Sleepy-Eyed John/Tom And Jerry”, Celebration, Sliced Bread

  • Tom Rush, “Driving Wheel”, Celebration, Sliced Bread


  • Jack Hardy, “Ponderosa”, “Autumn”, “Bandolier”, Bandolier, Great Divide Records


  • Jack Hardy, “The Wren”, “The Cauldron”, The Cauldron, 1-800-Prime-CD

  • Jack Hardy, “Locked Up In Feelings”, The Mirror Of My Madness, 1-800-Prime-CD

  • Jack Hardy, “Forget-Me-Not”, “The Knight’s Dream”, Through, 1-800-Prime-CD


  • Steve Tilston, “The Slip Jig & Reels”, “Sometimes In My Life”, “Polonaise”, “The Wind That Shakes The Barley/The Ladies Pantalettes”, The Greening Wind, Hubris

How To Reach Them:

Sliced Bread Records: www.slicedbread.com

Jack Hardy: www.JackHardy.com

Prime CD: 1-800-PrimeCD or www.primecd.com

Steve Tilston: www.stevetilston.com