Greeting A New Year & A Farewell To Those Who Died in 2002

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

The first hour was devoted to welcoming in this New Year including some ritual songs. The second hour took note of those folk and acoustic performers who died in 2002. Obviously, we couldn’t program music from all, but we verbally acknowledged their passings.

Those who departed this Earth during the past year included Alan Lomax, Dave Van Ronk, Hamish Henderson, Dave “Snaker” Ray, Derek Bell, John Jackson, Lonnie Donegan, Wade Hemsworth, Tony Rose, Bobby Clancy, Dave Carter, Mickey Newbury, Ola Belle Reed, Tim Rose, Gene Bluestein, Barbara Karns, Waylon Jennings, Jim McReynolds, Mark Vann, David Grant, entrepreneur Seymour Solomon and critic John S. Wilson.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

    Songs For A New Year

  • Unknown, “Conch Shell Horn Greeting The New Year”, Songs Of Christmas From The Alan Lomax Collection, Rounder

  • Putipu Band Of Capri, “New Year’s Day Tarantella”, Songs Of Christmas From The Alan Lomax Collection, Rounder

  • Skyedance, “Year’s Turning”, Auld Lang Syne, Culburnie

  • William Pint & Felicia Dale, “Ring In The New Year”, When I See Winter Return, Waterbug


  • Wild Asparagus, “St. Stephen’s Day Parade March”, Main Stage Live, Signature Sounds

  • Triakel, “St. Stephen’s Day Carol”, Wintersongs, NorthSide

  • Nowell Sing We Clear, “Carol For A New Year’s Day”, Hail Smiling Morn, Golden Hind

  • Various, “Calennig”, A Celtic Christmas, Musical Heritage Society


  • John Kirkpatrick et al, “Hunting The Wren”, Wassail, Fellside

  • The Mrs. Ackroyd Band, “Hunting The Cutty Wren”, Oranges And Lemmings, Dog

  • Jack Hardy, “The Wren”, The Cauldron, 1-800-Prime-CD


  • John Kirkpatrick et al, “Sword Dances Songs & Tunes”, Wassail, Fellside

    A Last Chorus For Those Died

  • Dave Van Ronk, “Whoa Back Buck”, “Sunday Street”, Two Sides Of …, Fantasy

  • John Jackson, “Rocks And Gravel”, Old Songs Festival, Old Songs

  • Koerner, Ray & Glover, “Linin’ Track”, Blues Rags & Hollers, Red House

  • Koerner, Ray & Glover, “The Titanic”, The Return Of Koerner, Ray & Glover, Red House

  • Ola Belle Reed, “High On A Mountain”, Hills Of Home, Rounder


  • Bill Staines, “The Black Fly Song”, Just Play One Tune More, Folk-Legacy

  • Dave Carter, “When I Go”, When I Go, Independent

  • Lonnie Donegan, “Rock Island Line”, Troubadours Of British Folk, Rhino

  • Aoife & Bobby Clancy, “Kisses Sweeter Than Wine”, Silvery Moon, Appleseed

  • Dick Gaughan, “Freedom Come All Ye”, Sail On, Appleseed

  • Derek Bell, “Brighid Cruis”, Carolan’s Receipt, Claddagh