Live In WSHU’s Studio A: Armor and Sturtevant

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

This was welcome return to “Profiles In Folk” for Kelly Armor and Dave Sturtevant, friends who last visited our studios in 1998. They’ve been busy in the interim, including a return to Africa for Kelly who did missionary work there many years ago. It also turned into a music field-collecting trip for the duo and during their 75 minutes with us they shared two pieces of the many recordings they made in Tanzania. Dave also showed off his steel-body guitar made by Larry Pogreba (1-406-285-6556) from recycled materials, including a Nash Rambler hubcap! And, of course, Kelly and Dave shared a wide variety of other exotic instruments that are a part of their on-stage signature.

For the final 45 minutes, we marked the birthday anniversary (Jan. 25, 1759) of Robert Burns, Caledonia’s Bard, who dedicated himself to rescuing from oblivion and neglect hundreds of songs in Scottish tradition. He was one of the first formal collectors of folksong!

Listen to the live portion of the show, January 24th 2003

    Live in WSHU’s Studio A: Armor and Sturtevant
    Live: “Dendera Medley”
    Live: “She Moves Through The Fair”
    Live: “Nenda Kure/Pat Do This”
    Field Recording: Tanzanian Ensemble from City of Njombe
    Field recording: Women’s Choir from Village of Samaria
    Live: “Next By One”

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  • Ceolbeg, “My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose/The Mermaid”, “A’ The Airts”, Celtic Collections: Volume

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  • Bruce Davies, “Address To The Haggis”, “Auld Lang Syne”, …O’er The Border, Rothes Recordings


  • Sue Richards, “Roslyn Castle”, “Auld Lang Syne”, Grey Eyed Morn, Maggie’s Music
How To Reach Them:
Armor & Sturtevant: or 1-800-901-8781