A Bit Of Celtic/In Memoriam: Jonathan Eberhart

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

This show was essentially selections from a few of my favorite Celtic releases in recent months; well, the past year! Altan will be appearing in Connecticut next month.

The final portion of the show was to mark the unfortunate passing of Jonathan Eberhart, a space science writer and editor and for several decades a stalwart of the Washington, D.C. folk music scene. Years ago he performed occasionally in Connecticut at the Trinity Coffeehouse, the Sounding Board and the Stamford Museum and Nature Center. He was a big Rasputin-type guy with a heart of gold and an incredibly inquisitive mind. He recorded a solo album for Folk-Legacy in 1981 entitled “Life’s Trolley Ride” and was a member of The Boarding Party that had two albums on Folk-Legacy, “’Tis Our Sailing Time” and “Fair Winds and A Following Sea.”

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Liz Carroll, “The Rock Reel/The Morning Dew/Reeling On The Box”, Lake Effect, Green Linnet


  • Paul Brady, “Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore”, “Jackson And Jane”, “The Lakes Of Pontchartrain”, The Liberty Tapes … Missing, Compass


  • John Sherman, “The Gooseberry Bush/The Rascally Rabbit/The Blackbird Reel”, “The Quiet Joy Of Brotherhood, The Green Country, Walhalla Park Productions


  • Liz Carroll, “The Ghost/The Hatchlings/The Long Bow”, “The Potato On The Door/Mary And The Tea Bag/Perpetual Check”, Lake Effect, Green Linnet


  • Altan, “Mother’s Delight/Ormond Sound/Mike Hoban’s Reel”, “Daily Growing”, “Slainte Theilinn”, “The Gatehouse Maid/The Ashplant/The Trip To Cullenstown”, Blue Idol, Narada


  • John McCusker & Kate Rusby, “The Bold Privateer”, Goodnight Ginger, Compass

  • John McCusker, “Oor Pal Davy”, Goodnight Ginger, Compass


  • Jonathan Eberhart, “Life’s Trolley Ride”, Life’s Trolley Ride, Folk-Legacy

  • The Boarding Party, “Come Down You Roses”, ’Tis Our Sailing Time, Folk-Legacy

  • Jonathan Eberhart, “Dawn”, Life’s Trolley Ride, Folk-Legacy

  • The Boarding Party, “The Cruiser Baltimore”, ’Tis Our Sailing Time, Folk-Legacy

  • Jonathan Eberhart, “Lament For A Red Planet”, Life’s Trolley Ride, Folk-Legacy

  • The Boarding Party, “The Seaman’s Hymn/Eternal Father”, ’Tis Our Sailing Time, Folk-Legacy