A Lot Of A Cappella

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

No real thread running through this show, although there were a lot of transitions between sets. Most of the show was largely a cappella song stylings from diverse traditions and from mostly new releases. Some pieces featured just a bare minimum of drumming. It was an intriguing change of pace and not one phone call in opposition from listeners (not that there should be). Sweet Honey In The Rock will be appearing in our broadcast area in a few weeks. We also offered some generous helpings of Tom Russell’s new album and a taste of the new Tom Pacheco album.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label


  • Ralph Stanley & Jim Lauderdale, “Listen To The Shepherd”, Lost In The Lonesome Pines, Dualtone

  • Vocolot, “La Comido”, Heartfelt, Oyster Albums

  • The Voice Squad, “The Bonny Irish Maid”, Many’s The Foolish Youth, Tara


  • Full Frontal Folk, “Blood And Gold”, “Another Train”, “Wayfaring Stranger”, Storming The Castle

  • Independent, , ,


  • Vocolot, “Guide Me”, “Zog Maran”, “Heartbeat”, Heartbeat, Oyster Albums


  • Sol, Weber & The Rounds Galore Gang, “Alleluia”, “(Mourn) September 11”, “A Peace Round”, Rounds

  • Galore … And More/Vol. 2, Independent, ,


  • Sweet Honey In The Rock, “Let Us Rise In Love”, “That Awful Day Will Surely Come”, “Come Unto

  • Me”, The Women Gather, Earthbeat!,


  • Tom Pacheco, “Broken Piano”, There Was A Time, Appleseed

  • James Keelaghan, “Kiri’s Piano”, My Skies, Green Linnet


  • Tom Russell, “Bus Station”, “Modern Art”, “The Kid From Spavinaw”, “Isaac Lewis”, Modern Art

  • Hightone, , ,


  • The Voice Squad, “The Parting Glass”, Many’s The Foolish Youth, Tara


Full Frontal Folk: www.fullfrontalfolk.com
Vocolot: www.vocolot.com
Rounds Galore: Sol Weber, 25-14 37th Street, Astoria, N.Y. 11103
Sweet Honey In The Rock: www.sweethoney.com
Tom Pacheco: www.tompacheo.com