Live In WSHU’s Studio A: Pierce Campbell

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

Connecticut’s Pierce Campbell is not only a fine singer and songwriter, but also one dynamic fingerstyle guitarist. He displayed all these musical talents during a 75-minue, long overdue return visit to “Profiles in Folk.”

We talked about his new, fifth solo album in 10 years, “Songs of the Sea” and discussed his very active performing schedule (he’s a full-time musician and producer), his career, his return to more traditional folk music and, yes, his guitar playing. Pierce also performs with the Irish group, The Kerry Boys.

Pierce’s Web page is

We finished off the evening with some new material from three singer/songwriters: David Wilcox, Guy Clark and Gordon Bok.

Live In WSHU’s Studio A:

“I’ve Got The Ticket”
“Pray For The Morning”

New CD: “Farewell To A Good Wind”

“One Pint Of Porter”
“John Barleycorn”
“Home Boys Home”

Listen to the live portion of the show

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • David Wilcox, “If It Wasn’t For The Night”, “In This Stream”, “On To The Next”, Into The Mystery


  • Guy Clark, “Mud”, “Magnolia Wind”, “Soldier’s Joy 1864”, The Dark


  • Gordon Bok, “Herring Croon”, “Little River”, “Astoria Bar”, “The Boats Of Peter’s River”
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