Spotlighting New Releases

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

This is one of those shows where we just sit back and, along with our listening audience, enjoy selections from new CDs that have found their way into the “Profiles in Folk” mailbox. The program is a mix of artists old and new.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Asylum Street Spankers, “Monkey Rag”, “Mountain Town”, My Favorite Record, Bloodshot

  • John Danley, “The Roger Waters Trolley”, Cemeteries Missed Trains & Blue Skies, A Priori


  • Eddie & Martha Adcock, “Let’s”, “Gold Watch And Chain”, “Pretty Redwing”, TwoGrass, Pinecastle


  • Jonathan Byrd, “The Waitress”, “The Ballad Of Larry”, “Radio”, The Waitress, Independent


  • Steppin’ In It, “The Butcher’s Girl”, “Red-Haired Boy”, Last Winter In The Copper Country, Hippo Coop


  • Liza Constable & Groove Mama, “Where Shall I Fly”, Old Songs Festival/Live 2002, Old Songs

  • Ginny Hawker & Tracy Schwartz, “Ain’t Got No Honey Babe Now”, Old Songs Festival/Live 2002, Old Songs

  • Pete Hastings, “Harp Farm”, Old Songs Festival/Live 2002, Old Songs


  • Diane Taraz, “The Wreck Of The Caspian”, “The Trees They Do Grow High”, “En Montant La Riviere”, Beat The Heat, Raisin Pie Music


  • Dave Swarbrick, “Rosie/Pachelbel Canon”, “Isle Of Manx Set”, Swarb, Free Reed
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