A Scandinavian-Celtic Mix

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

This is a show that combines Scandinavian and Celtic music and, at times, explores the links between the music as it crosses the North Sea from as long ago as the Viking invasions of the British Isles. Overall, it was to my mind a night of exciting and challenging music, including two cuts featuring the songwriting of Englishman Pete Morton programmed for good measure.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Susanne Rosenberg, “Herding Calls”, Wizard Women Of The North, NorthSide

  • The Poozies, “Tam”, Changed Days/Same Roots, Greentrax


  • Tone Hulbaekmo, “Floating Earth”, Wizard Women Of The North, NorthSide

  • Tallari, “Why Do The Maidens…”, Wizard Women Of The North, NorthSide


  • Frifot, “The World Is Strange”, “Hallings From Bohus”, “Ballad Of The Bewitched”, Sluring, NorthSide


  • Rita Erikson, “Villemann Og Magnhild”, Dublin To Dakar, Putumayo

  • Chris Parkinson, “Polska From Dalarna”, Out Of His Tree, Pan


  • Karen Tweed & Andy Cutting, “Johsefines”, One Roof Under, Fyasco

  • Dervish & Vasen, “Josefins’s Waltz”, Decade, Compass


  • The Poozies, “Sunny”, “The Great Debate”, Changed Days/Same Roots, Greentrax

  • Old Blind Dogs, “Bogie’s Bonny Belle”, “The Breton And Galician Set”, The Gab O Mey, Green Linnet


  • Bill Jones, “The Two Brothers”, Two Year Winter, Compass

  • The Poozies, “Another Train”, Celtic Compass, Compass


  • Wendy Stewart, “Flowres Of The Forrest”, “Reel Set”, Standing Wave, Greentrax
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Compass Records: www.compassrecords.com
Green Linnet Records: www.greenlinnet.com
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