Songs of Working People

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

It’s the start of Labor Day Weekend 2003 and we’re marking the holiday, as we usually do, by placing the emphasis on songs of working people. With the national and state economies in a severe downturn and millions of people out of work, a general theme of hard times runs through this year’s show. But there are also specific sets about immigrant labor, Joe Hill, labor history and corporate greed.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Anne Feeney, “War On The Workers”, Union Maid, Independent


  • Bryan Bowers, “Hard Times”, For You, Flying Fish

  • Robin & Linda Williams, “The Hard Country”, In The Company Of Strangers, Sugar Hill

  • Desert Rose Band, “Hard Times”, The Desert Rose Band, Curb

  • Open Road, “Hard Times”, Cold Wind, Rounder


  • Rosalie Sorrels, “Aragon Mill”, “Carolina Cotton Mill”, The Long Memory, Red House

  • U. Utah Phillips, “Soapbox Oration”, “Poem/All Used Up”, The Long Memory, Red House


  • Anne Feeney, “Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been?”, “Union Maid”, “The U.S. Steal Song”, Union Maid, Independent


  • Carl Cacho, “Bordertown”, Spark, Independent

  • Tom Russell, “California Snow”, Borderland, HighTone

  • John O’Connor, “Ma Quiladora”, High Weather, Chroma Music

  • Rosalie Sorrels, “De Colores”, The Long Memory, Red House


  • Tom Pacheco, “What About Us?”, “There Was A Time”, There Was A Time, Appleseed


  • Billy Bragg, “Joe Hill”, Don’t Mourn--Organize!”, Smithsonian Folkways

  • U. Utah Phillips, “Joe Hill’s Last Will”, Don’t Mourn--Organize!”, Smithsonian Folkways


  • Leon Rosselson, “You Noble Diggers All”, Harry’s Gone Fishing, Gadfly