Songs of Thanks and Giving

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

It’s the night after Thanksgiving a holiday of homecoming, thanksgiving and grace and we’re exploring a few universal themes under the proposition that music keeps people going when the world becomes unbearable because it’s therapeutic and creates a sense of community and cultural understanding.

We decided to reprise (for the first time in several years) Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant (The Massacree Revisited)”, which, oddly, has become a Thanksgiving Day regular on many rock stations in our region. We played the updated 1996 version and, yes, received great listener response.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Jay Ungar & Molly Mason, “Thanksgiving Waltz”, Harvest Home, Angel

  • Anne Hills, “Follow That Road”, Angle Of Light, Flying Fish

  • Steven Gillman, “Home Sweet Home”, Return To Summer Lake, Hidden Poet Music


  • William Coulter & Barry Phillips, “Tree Of Life”, Tree Of Life, Gourd

  • Claudia Schmidt & Sally Rogers, “Tree Of Life”, While We Live, Red House

  • Guy & Candie Carawan, “Ain’t You Got A Right To The Tree Of Life”, Tree Of Life, Flying Fish


  • Tom Pacheco, “There Was A Time”, “St. Christopher And The Cornfield”, There Was A Time, Appleseed


  • Herdman Hills & Mangsen, “Uncle Dave’s Grace”, At The Turning Of The Year, Hand & Heart Music

  • Anne Marie Menta, “Grace Your Table”, Untried And True, Independent


  • Arlo Guthrie, “Alice’s Restaurant”, Alice’s Restaurant, Rising Son


  • Bob Franke, “The Great Storm Is Over”, Fast Folk Musical Magazine, July 1982

  • Bob Franke, “I Arose To Her Beauty”, The Heart Of The Flower, Daring

  • Bob Franke, “Thanksgiving Eve”, In This Night, Flying Fish


  • Kallet/Epstein/Cicone, “Ready For The Storm”, Angels In Daring, Overall Music

  • Gordon Bok & Cindy Kallet, “Peace On Earth”, Neighbors, Timberhead