Live In WSHU’s Studio A: Long Island Singer/Songwriters

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

This was our first gathering of Long Island Singer/Songwriters in the round live is WSHU’s Studio A and it was an absolute delight. We went about 40 minutes beyond are allotted time. Featured were James O’Malley, who merits a tip of the hat for assembling the performers; Caroline Doctorow; Tim Atwell, and Princess Peapod, comprised of Michelle Frimmer and Dave Cook.

Listeners were treated to an evening of diverse performing styles and intelligent conversation about songwriting, musical influences, performing and the Long Island folk and acoustic music scene.

Our thanks still once again to WSHU Chief Engineer Paul Litwinovich and his wife Ellen of the WSHU staff. Paul handled all the sound mixing and Ellen did yeowoman’s work in getting everyone across the waters of Long Island Sound to our studios.

Listen to the show

Live In WSHU’s Studio A:
James O’Malley, Caroline Doctorow, Princess Peapod and Tim Atwell.

Princess Peapod: “Wintertime In My Town”
James O’Malley: “Rest”
Caroline Doctorow: “Memory Tattoo”
Tim Atwell: “I Love You More”
Princess Peapod: “Move To The Moon”
James O’Malley: “If I Ain’t Got The Blues By Now”
Caroline Doctorow: “Carmel Valley Ride”
Tim Atwell: “Contents Under Pressure”
Princess Peapod: “Participate In The Process” (Darryl Purpose)
James O’Malley: “You Must Go Home For Christmas”
Caroline Doctorow: “I Want You” (Bob Dylan)
Tim Atwell: “Christmas Island” (L. Moraine)

From Their CDs:

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Princess Peapod, “Shade Of Green”, Princess Peapod, Independent
  • James O’Malley, “Always Tomorrow”, I’m Ready, Gable Wing Records
  • Caroline Doctorow: “A Swallow’s Song”, Carmel Valley Ride, Narrow Lane Records,
  • Tim Atwell, “The Cowgirl Who Lassoed My Heart”, Contents Under Pressure, Top Down Records

A Final round of live music

Princess Peapod, “Color”
James O’Malley, “If Only In My Dreams”
Caroline Doctorow, “Roadhouse”
Tim Atwell, “I Hate Hammers”

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