Live In WSHU’s Studio A:

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

An evening with Debra Cowan, Donna Glover, Dave DeAngelis, Robert Messore & Emily Pinkerton

This was one fine and fun night of live music, mostly traditional, in WSHU’s Studio A. It was the perfect “living room” music program.

Debra Cowan of Massachusetts, Donna Glover of Southeastern Connecticut and Dave DeAngelis of Waterbury started the musical journey off during the first hour. For the second hour New Haven guitarist Robert Messore and Texas fiddler Emily Pinkerton joined them. All were to appear at a Folk Traditions Night the next evening in New Haven that Robert puts together annually. In the middle of the live music and conversational mayhem we also programmed selections from a brand new CD by the New York-Connecticut bluegrass band, Too Blue, who will also be appearing at the New Haven event.

Our thanks to the performers for an uplifting night of music and conversation and to WSHU Chief Engineer Paul Litwinovich who handled all the set ups and sound mixing and put up with our antics.

Listen to the show

Live In WSHU’s Studio A

Debra Cowan: “Parcel Of Rogues”
Dave DeAngelis: “Cork Harbor”
Debra Cowan: “Walloping Wind Blind”
Donna Glover: “I Wonder When I Will Be Married”
Dave DeAngelis: “Irish Jaunting Car”
Debra Cowan & Donna Glover: “Horkstow Grange”
Dave DeAngelis: “Piece From The Warner Collection”

Too Blue, “The Leaving Kind”, “When The Bloom Is Off the Rose”, A Little On The Blue Side, Independent

Robert Messore & Emily Pinkerton, “Fiddle Medley”
Robert Messore & Emily Pinkerton, “900 Miles”
Debra Cowan, “The Darkest Hour Before The Dawn” (Carter Stanley)
Dave DeAngelis, “The Ship That Never Returned”
Robert Messore: “Fiddle Medley”
Robert Messore: “Citi NagCumman”
Debra Cowan & Donna Glover: “Bay Of Biscay”
Dave DeAngelis” Blow Ye Winds Blow”
Emily Pinkerton: “Taking Me Back”
Debra Cowan: “Adieu, Sweet Nancy” (American version from Max Hunter Collection)
Ensemble: “Reuben James”