Love O Love

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

This is a simple program of love songs to mark Valentine’s Day. The first half of show consists almost entirely of music from recent releases.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Don McLean, “Love O Love”, Playin’ Favorites, BGO (UK)

  • Kate Wolf, “Give Yourself To Love”, The Wind Blows Wild, Kaleidoscope


  • Peggy Seeger, “Jackie Rover”, “Generous Love”, “Dear Companion”, Heading For Home, Appleseed


  • Kate Rusby, “Let Me Be”, “Cruel”, “The White Cockade”, Underneath The Stars, Compass


  • Annie Grace, “The Trees They Grow High”, “Farewell To Lochaber”, Take Me Out Drinking Tonight, Greentrax

  • Heidi Talbot, “I Dream Of You”, “High Germany”, Distant Future, Compass


  • Ed Trickett, “Black Jack Gypsy”, The Continuing Tradition, Folk-Legacy

  • Ed Trickett, “Annie Laurie/Bad Half Hour”, “We Danced”, Echo On The Evening Tide, Azalea

  • Bok/Muir/Trickett, “Jennifer Gentle”, All Shall Be Well Again, Folk-Legacy


  • John Wright Band, “Middletime”, Pages Turning, Greentrax

  • Kate Wolf, “Two-Way Waltz”, Safe At Harbor, Kaleidoscope

  • June Tabor, “The Turn Of the Road”, Against the Stream, Green Linnet


  • Fred Holstein, “I Believe”, Fred Holstein: A Collection, Independent