A Tribute To The Diversity of Folk Music

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

Hosted by Paul Litwinovich

There is a short story of how this show came be, but it is worthy of mention for its amusement value if nothing else. Steve was going to be out of town for a family gathering and a well deserved vacation. The plan was to replay what we refer to in the broadcast trade as an “evergreen edition” which is a show that has no reference to dates, upcoming concerts, holidays and such. Bad things happen to those who procrastinate. I waited until Friday to load the show into the computer for automatic broadcast later that night. It was a show that we had used before, and it should have been a quick and easy task. Minor problem however, the first hour disk was damaged. No problem I thought, there will be one machine somewhere which will play it. Not. Maybe the original was still on the computer where Steve and I had produced it. No such luck, it was my own policy to routinely clean up old audio files to prevent the servers from filling up.

Steve had mentioned that he was concerned about returning in time to do the show on March 19th, and I assured him that I would produce a “best of” of some sorts to use in case his return was delayed. I already had the first 30 minutes done, but I had planned to produce the rest at an easy pace over the course of the next week. It was now 3 pm on Friday and I had a bit of work to do.

The rest is history and the show turned out to be a fine tribute to the diversity of the many musicians and styles of music that have graced Studio A over the past two years. I could have easily produced another two hours with the amount of material available.

Listen to the show

Artist, Title(s), Date of Original Broadcast

Big Apple'achia, We're Big Apple'achia, I Hear A Choo Choo Coming, April 11, 2003

Songs of the Sea and Life
Pierce Campbell, Farewell To A Good Wind, One Pint of Porter, May 2, 2003

Scottish Folk
Rise, Wild Mountain, October 11, 2002

Contemporary Folk
Lara Herscovitch, The Day The Jury Got away, I'd Do Anything, January 16, 2004

Hammered Dulcimer/Contemporary Folk
Mike Kachuba, Hammered Dulcimer Medley, Fisher Boy, Trout Pool, June 6, 2003

The Strauss Warschauer Duo, Du Zolst Nit Geyn Mit Keyn Andere Yingelekh, Rejoicing, March 7, 2003

Klezmer /Bluegrass Gospel
Alison McHugh, David's Song, Blessing and Honor, March 8, 2002

The Shamrogues, Musical Priest/Moon Coin Reel, The Errant Apprentice, February 4, 2003

Swing /Bluegrass
Amy Gallatin & the Hot Flashes, Choo Choo Chaboogie, Blue Grass Stomp, Angelina The Baker, April 25, 2003

The complete shows from which these cuts were taken, as well as contact information, are available by clicking on the show calendar for the appropriate date.