Memorial Day Observed

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

With conflicts being fought by Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan, this year’s Memorial Day takes on new meaning, especially for families of military personnel in all the services. This program honors all those who gave their lives in service to this nation and its rights and freedoms from the American Revolution to just this week in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Again, special emphasis is placed in this program on the Civil War — one, because the holiday originated as Decoration Day in the aftermath of this nation’s most deadly conflict and, two, there is such a large historical song from the era that still resonates with Americans and which is being augmented by the current songwriters. In fact, many of the selections in this program are from recent albums.

During the show’s commentary, I touched on all the major conflicts engaged in by the United States, no matter how unpopular. As singer Carol Noonan points out in the notes to her stunning brand new album, “Our country has always been divided about war, but ironically it is the casualties of those wars who unite us.”

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Tad Marks, “The March To Gettysburg”, Our Crazy Love Affair, Crop Circle

  • Arthur Smith & Benny Martin, “Dixie”, Songs Of The Civil War, CMH

  • The Weavers, “Rally ’Round The Flag (Battle Cry Of Freedom)”, Wasn’t That A Time, Vanguard Box


  • Tim Eriksen, “The Cumberland And The Merrimac”, “The Southern Girl’s Reply”, “The Soldier’s Return”, Every Sound Below, Appleseed


  • Gallant Sons Of Erin, “We’ll Fight For Uncle Sam”, “The Irish Volunteers”, “Red Haired Boy”, No Irish Need Apply, Independent


  • Richard Shindell, “Arrowhead”, Blue Divide, Shanachie

  • Guy Clark, “Soldier’s Joy 1864”, The Dark, Sugar Hill

  • Jack Hardy, “The 111th Pennsylvane”, Civil Wars, Great Divide


  • Carol Noonan, “Fearless Five”, “In Flander’s Field”, “Medals Of Mine”, “Brothers In Arms”, Somebody’s Darling


  • Grey DeLisle, “Tell Me True”, The Graceful Ghost, Sugar Hill

  • David Mallett, “Living On The Edge”, Artist In Me, North Road

  • Eliza Gilkyson, “Highway 9”, Land Of Milk And Honey, Red House


  • John Gorka, “Let Them In”, The Company You Keep, Red House