First Airing

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

This is a show featuring artists whose music has never before been aired on "Profiles in Folk." With only 52 shows each year - which equates to about 110-plus hours of broadcast time annually since we do exceed the two hours on some weeks - there will always a large number of artists who for a wide variety of reasons do not get programmed. The reasons start with the arrival annually of overwhelming numbers of CDs and work up to the fact that mine is a generalist, traditional-leaning folk show (many weeks with a theme) that simply can't cover all the bases of this wonderfully wide world of folk and acoustic music.

This is the first in what I plan to be a series of occasional shows offering up a "first airing". Listener response was quite voluminous and encouraging, as it should be for these artists. Mike Morello and Dave King currently reside in Connecticut, while Melissa Gibson grew up in Woodbridge, Connecticut.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • John Holenko, The Monaghan Jig, Conversely, Hungry Monk Music


  • Michael Troy, Love Song, Roller Coaster, Romancing The Moon, Independent

  • Jed Marum, Peter Amberlay, Streets Of Fall River, Streets Of Fall River, Independent


  • Christopher Williams, Tread Light, Every Time I Say Goodbye, Side Streets Live, Independent


  • Mike Morello, Blank, Simple Life, Demo Disc, WSHU

  • Dave King, The Fog And The Wind And The Rain, The Cold'll Killya, Shades Of Dave, Independent


  • Melissa Gibson, Shade, The Journey, Welcome To Stay, Java Joe's Records

  • Caroline Herring, Trace, Jewels, Colorado Woman, Wellspring, Blue Corn Music


  • Alternate Roots, Single Girl Married Girl, South Elm Street, Sunrise, Branching Out, Independent


  • Night Sun, A Camel In Nunavut, Parrish Waltz, One Moment Of Grace, Borealis
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